The Boston Lithuanian School awards these named scholarships in order to perpetuate the bright memory of veteran teachers and to encourage graduates to work or volunteer at the school.

The scholarship is awarded to a Boston Lithuanian school graduate who has successfully attended school for at least 10 years and has worked for at least two years.
Aldona Dabrilienė

Aldona Šaikūnaitė Dabrilienė (1925 - 2018) grew up in Kaunas. She left Lithuania for the west with her parents and brother at the age of 16. They experienced the bombing of Berlin at the end of the war. After the war ended, Aldona married Jeronimas Vytautas Dabrila in Germany and settled in the United States in 1950. They had three children - Aldona, Vytas and Linas Dabrila.

Aldona Dabrilienė taught at the Boston Lithuanian School for over 40 years. She was loved and respected by the students. She demanded a lot from her students, and they worked hard for her. The students felt her love. She creatively presented the lessons. Students created various plays based on the history of Lithuania. They would write those plays, design the costumes and learn the lines to… read more

Liuda Senutienė's scholarship is awarded to a former BLM student who worked as a teacher at the school for at least two years.
Liuda Senutienė

LIUDA KRIVAITYTĖ-SENUTIENĖ (1921-2021) was born in Kaunas in 1921. She graduated from the teachers' seminary in Ukmerge. Not long after, Vilnius region returned to Lithuania and there was a great shortage of Lithuanian teachers in the capital. Feeling a duty to help Lithuania, Liuda moved to Vilnius and taught at Darius and Girėnas school. In Vilnius, Liuda experienced the joy of a reborn Lithuania, survived the Russian occupation and deportations, and the German occupation and famine. As the Russian army approached, the family, pushing baby Gedimon's stroller, with suitcases in hand, fled from Vilnius just two days before the Russian invasion. If the young family had stayed in Vilnius, they would have been deported to Siberia - they were already on the deportation… read more