2023 - Saulė Kairytė

Saulė Kairytė

Saulė Kairytė graduated from BLS in 2019. She worked as a teacher's assistant and teacher for 3 years.

Saulė Kairytė: "I am very happy to have received a scholarship named after Liuda Senutienė, but first of all it is a great honor for me. I am very grateful that I was given this award. Both while studying and working, I feel like I am part of a strong Lithuanian community. Now I understand why my parents wanted me to get up every Saturday to go to school. While working, I realized how important the work is done by the teachers at BLS and how much effort needs to be put in so that the children take away at least a part of the language, traditions, and love for Lithuania from school. I hope that in the future I will be able to come back to BLS and work here again. I hope that my work at the school will be an inspiration to the students who are graduating from the school. I hope that after graduating from the Boston Lithuanian School, they will not forget it and come back to teach the Lithuanian language and customs to the younger ones. Also, I would like to keep in touch with my classmates , parents and teachers. I wish that you won't forget to speak Lithuanian and be part of the community."