Apie nuotolinį suaugusių mokymą: "I am really enjoying the classes and will likely take the second part."
Ačiū, Gaila. Nusiuntėm (video) močiutei į Lietuvą, tai sakė peržiūrėjo jau keletą kartų ir liepė perduot padėką jums.
Viskas buvo nerealiai gerai šiemet :)

Gerai sekasi! Labai džiaugiamės, po truputį vis daugiau išmoksta ir patinka mokytoja labai! Skrendam Kalėdų į Lietuvą tai žiūrėsim gal ką prisimins, bandys panaudoti :)
Valdonė C.
Mums pamokėlės labai patinka. Mokytojos yra kūrybingos, supratingos ir padrąsinančios. Mano vienai mergaitei būna taip sunku kai kuriom dienom, bet niekad nepalūžta, nes mokytoja padeda. Valio!
Eglė P.
Earlier this year, I was contacted by a distant cousin who had viewed one of my online family trees. We had a wonderful conversation about our families and where they had lived in Lithuania. As a result of the chat, I found out about a Lithuanian school in the Boston area. I did some deeper research into the school via their website and was delighted to find that they offer remote classes. I decided that I was done "wishing" that I knew Lithuanian and enrolled. After just 8 remote sessions with my wonderful teacher Asta, I feel that I now have a pretty good foundation of the Lithuanian language and grammar. With the help of an online translator to boost my vocabulary, I believe that I can have a decently robust -- and correct! -- online conversation with my potential Lithuanian family.

If you're one of those people whose family asks them what they want for Christmas, maybe this year you might want to ask for Lithuanian classes. If you do, I can highly recommend the Boston Lithuanian School. You may know of other Lithuanian schools in other areas that you prefer or are recommended to you by others. I just know that I am eager to enroll in my second semester at the Boston Lithuanian School and am looking forward to more classes beginning in January.

Full disclaimer: From their website, I discovered that my cousin is the head of the school! She did not know that I would be writing about her school in today's newsletter -- but she does now, since she is a subscriber of this newsletter. Labas pusseserė! :)
Andrea Valen