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This year's (2021) award for Lithuanian education teacher was awarded to Gailute Urbonaite-Narkevičiene - Education news (

In 2021 The prize of Lithuanian education teacher (lecturer) was awarded to Gailuta Urbonaita-Narkevičienei, director and teacher of the Boston Lithuanian School. G. Urbonaitė-Narkevičienė is an active and well-known member of the Lithuanian community not only in the United States, but also in the world, who has done a lot to teach and popularize the Lithuanian language. The Boston Lithuanian School, the second oldest Lithuanian school in the world, founded in 1949, began to lead in 2000. The number of students doubled during that time, "Pipiru ratelis" was established for 18-36 months. for babies. Adult groups have also appeared, in which more than 20 adults are currently learning Lithuanian. "Book club", "Mother's club" and ethno-cultural craft circle gathered in the school.

G. Urbonaitė-Narkevičienė participates in the development of the Lithuanian language testing system according to levels A1-C1. Together with her colleagues, the teacher compiled a new Lithuanian language textbook "Language Steps" for grades 1-6, which was partially financed by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports. The award winner prepared an English-Lithuanian and Lithuanian-English dictionary (2013), a Lithuanian language program and teaching aids (2021), other publications, she made a significant contribution to the "Neringa" camp operating in the state of Vermont, she was in English for several years coordinator of the speaking children's camp. She has worked at the US Board of Education, was responsible for revising educational guidelines, and participated in teacher professional development. 2016-2021 represented the Lithuanian language in the United States Heritage Language Association. G. Urbonaitė-Narkevičienė also conducts seminars for teachers and managers of Lithuanian schools.

After studying Lithuanian language and literature at the Faculty of Philology of Vilnius University (1986-1992), G. Urbonaitė-Narkevičienė worked in the Department of Lithuanian Studies, teaching the lexicon, syntax and grammar of the Lithuanian language to Russians and Polonists. Interested in children's language and bilingualism, she participated in the selection of children's language records, conferences on bilingualism and children's language, and long-term research at Jogaila University (Poland). He studied psycholinguistics, general linguistics, comparative studies at Charles University in Prague. 2003-2005 He taught Lithuanian to English speakers at the Boston and Somerville language institutes, 2012-2019. collaborated at the University of Maryland as a Lithuanian language specialist. 2000-2021 - Teacher at the Boston Lithuanian School, taught Lithuanian language, history and culture in grades 5-10. She has been leading the Boston Lithuanian School since 2000, and is also an eighth grade teacher.

In 2021 in September, G. Urbonaitė-Narkevičienė was awarded the medal of honor of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs "For services of Lithuanians of the world to Lithuania".

The amount of the Lithuanian language teacher (lecturer) bonus is 2,000 euros. The certificate of award will be ceremonially presented to the laureate during the Teacher of the Year Awards in Lithuania.

In 2021 5 nominations from Ireland, Belgium, the USA, Norway and Ukraine were submitted for the Lithuanian teacher (lecturer) prize competition.

The Lithuanian education teacher or lecturer prize was established by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania in 2016. by resolution. The prize is awarded through a competition to persons conducting or having conducted Lithuanian education abroad, for merits in the activities of Lithuanian education, achievements of pupils, students. The award was received by the head of the Lithuanian language and culture center of the Sakartvelo Technical University and the Lithuanian language teacher prof. Vidas Kavaliauskas, director of the London kindergarten/school "Obelėlė" Alvija Černiauskaitė, teacher of Seinė "Žiburio" school, one of the founders of this Lithuanian school Irena Gasperavičiūtė, Lithuanian language development officer of the Irish Higher Level Language Agency, Lithuanian language teacher Jurgita Urbelienė.

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