About Us

We live here.
We are- Lithuanians of the world.
We are the past, the present, and the future of the Boston Lithuanian community.
We are students, parents, and teachers.
We are one big Lithuanian family.
Lithuanian-it is our way of life, nature, and our choice.
We are - Boston Lithuanian School

Currently there are over 160 students that attend our Boston Lithuanian Saturday School.  The BLS was established in 1949. The students, attending the BLS, are representatives of all the periods of Lithuanian immigration (pre & post war). Due to the varying language skills of the students - there is disparity in language skills. Starting in preschool we teach language, communication, history, geography and folk dancing and folk singing. Every fall we host a "Reading Marathon", where each student is encouraged to read Lithuanian books for a period of four weeks. At the conclusion of the third week, the winners are given prizes for having read the most books per age group. The end of October hosts our "Parade of Masks" - which is much like Halloween. In the month of December we prepare all students for our Christmas Play - all students are involved in some portion of the play - either singing or acting. The Christmas Play is an eagerly anticipated event for the entire Lithuanian Community in Boston. February 16th we celebrate the Remembrance of all our fallen brethren in Lithuania and the Independence of our Homeland. We also celebrate "Uzgavenes" with a Pre-Lenten Pancake Party.  Following Lithuanian traditions, we celebrate Easter by rolling decorated Easter eggs. Additionally, we have a Family day celebration, where students, parents and teachers enjoy a day of fun and exciting activities. Upon completion of the School Year - we celebrate by having a day of games, activities and plenty of goodies.

Recently, our school has grown immensely to the online sector, sharing our expertise with families in Hawaii, British Columbia, Texas, Nebraska, Dacota, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Montreal, Vermont, and other places.