2023 - Gabriella Keegan

Gabriella Keegan

In 2023 the recipient of Aldona Dabrilienė's name scholarship became kindergarten teacher Gabriella Keegan.

Gabriella Keegan: "My name is Gabriella Keegan and I will be studying actuarial mathematics at Umass Amherst in the fall. This scholarship is much more than just financial aid; it represents recognition of my hard work, dedication, and aspirations. It allows me to fully immerse myself in my studies, extracurricular activities, and gain enriching experiences without worrying about financial constraints. Working at the Boston Lithuanian School was the most rewarding experience teaching Lithuanian language and culture because it allowed me to observe young students. Teaching young children Lithuanian and introducing them to culture is a unique and fulfilling responsibility. Kindergarten years are a very important time for a child's knowledge and linguistic development, so I feel privileged to have contributed to their educational journey. Seeing their enthusiasm and desire to learn about Lithuania, its language, traditions and values is truly inspiring. Another aspect that makes teaching at the Boston Lithuanian School so useful is there is a strong sense of community and support from students, their families and school staff. Being in a community that shares the common goal of preserving and transmitting the Lithuanian language and culture creates a unique bond. It's great to see parents actively involved in their children's education and witnessing their enthusiasm to preserve their heritage."