Announcement - March 15, 2018

hundred faces of lithuania


Dear parents,

Thi s year is truly special for Lithuania, we are celebrating the 100-th birthday of our country! In our surrounding Lithuanian communities, we see that our patriotism and culture is only expanding further. Our school community is expanding as well. Lithuania is no longer just a country with Lithuanians living in it. Lithuania is us! We are so proud and happy to have so many different cultures and heritages in our school, and love for Lithuania is uniting us all. So, this year, for the final day of school we are starting a project HUNDRED FACES OF LITHUANIA and invite all families to participate.

Every family needs to video and submit a short recording where they say “Hello, We love Lithuania. We are Lithuania!”. These words need to be said in the language/es, spoken at home. English, Turkish, Estonian, Russian, French... or perhaps you use Lithuanian dialects? Do you have a national costume or a flag of the spoken language country? Take the video with your phone and submit it by email:  DUE 1st OF MAY, 2018.

We are going to combine the videos into a short presentation for Family day.

Thank you all in advance for participation in this project!